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Let Dr. ‘K’ challenge your  boundaries due to life’s circumstances and environments. Get empowered to achieve what you have desired all along….to live life with PURPOSE and without limits!

About Us

We aim to heal the the mind, body, spirit and soul of the individual, allowing them to become empowered.  It is designed to bring balance into your life,  help put matters in perspective and release clarity so that you can become more creative, productive, and effective in every area of your life.

Dr. K serves as a mentor/coach to both men and women, helping to cultivate the unraveled areas of their lives and bring a solid foundation for their rebuilding process.

Dr. K teaches with gratitude and honor.

Our Services

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Life Education

Developing your capabilities, building your skills, enhancing your personal development to improve your quality of life.


Help to identify areas of your life that need improvement and develop strategies for growth.

Master Coaching

Getting your certification to become a life coach.


You can seek Dr. K The Pusher to facilitate your next workshop, seminar, training, or corporate buiding excercise.

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